Let's convert your bike to Single Speed.

Please measure you BB shell width before starting. The kit contains two sets of bolts. Short for 68mm wide shells and long bolts for 73mm wide shells.

SRAM/Truvativ users will require GROWER technology for the non drive side.  Shimano/FSA users can omit these indicated steps.

Also you will need the following tools: Rubber Mallet, Lock ring wrench, 5mm hex, grease, and any tools that pertain to your crank system.

Remember, chain tension is affected by chain stretch over time, and the roundness of your chain ring and cog.  The location of your chain ring on the crank spider can also affect your chain tension. Take your time and get things centered on the crank assembly.

If any of the steps listed below seem to complicated, you are afraid of damaging any of the involved parts, please don’t hesitate to contact your local bike shop. Its cool to install this unit on your own, but its OK to get help too. 🙂 OK? Ok. Lets begin.


Measure your BB Shell - short bolts for 68mm wide shells - long bolts for 73mm wide shells

Grease your BB shell or use friction paste.

Install stepped drive side body.

Install non drive side body. SRAM Truvativ users install GROWER shim at this step.

Grease the bolt threads and the backsides of the bolt heads.

Install bolts and rotate unit towards the rear of the bike.

SRAM Truvativ Users - Install 1(Stainless Steel) FILLER shim onto the crank spider.

Install crank into the eccentric.

Install FILLER shim with a dab of grease to hold onto the dustcap.

Install the non drive side crank.

Set the chain length. Rotate the drive side body to bring the chain to the desired tension.

Rotate the non drive side body so that the eccentric bodies are aligned.

Evenly, tighten pinch bolts to 5Nm ~8 Nm.

Go for a ride!