PF30 Eccentric Update

The new Eccentric for Press Fit 30 frames are rolling in next week. I received a few sample units ahead of time for testing and so far so good.  The acceptance of certain cranks with 30mm diameter spindles is the BIG DEAL behind these new eccentrics.

This eccentric is designed to work with ROTOR 3D+ , e*Thirteen XCX-SSFSA K-Force Light BB386 Road , FSA K-Force Compact MTBFSA SL-K Light BB386 , FSA SL-K Compact Compact MTB , and all 24mm diameter spindle cranks.

If your 30mm spindle crank is not on the list above then it will not work with this eccentric. Sorry. 🙁

Currently  the Salsa Cross bike is setup with the ROTOR 3D+ cranks. Next, the bike will be tested with the eccentric using the 24mm reduction shims. After that, the bike will be setup with the e*Thirteen XCX SS cranks.  Mainly the biggest hurdle  is deciding how many of each shim is required to get all cranks to work correctly and make it a universal solution for all.



Eccentric for PF30


Eccentric for PF30 with e*Thirteen XCX SS crank


Drive side Eccentric for PF30



Eccentric for PF30 with ROTOR 3D+ crank


Ecentric for PF30 with 30-->24mm Reduction shim and SRAM force crank

Same eccentric for two crank standards.