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Cannondale Flash 29er

Peep this super hawt Cannondale Flash 29er rolling around in Tennessee.   If you are in the Chattanooga area, contact Owen Cyclery for help on installation or information on the eccentric.

Cannondale Flash 29er

Cannondale Flash 29er

Cannondale Flash 29er Drive Train

Let your fingers do the walking

Interested in reading a review?  Pick up the latest issue, #13, of CYCLOCROSS Magazine for a full 1 page review.  EBB30 on a Cannondale Super X.  Nuff said. Contact your local shop that specializes in Cyclocross to obtain your copy. Page 87.

Cyclocross Magazine Issue #13

Cannondale Flash – 650B

Here is a fantastic looking Cannondale Flash sporting 650B sized wheels.   “I loved my Flash, but was tired of gears, now I have the perfect combo.  That FSA stuff really did a good job at keeping the creaking away.”  Looks like this ride is also sporting a chairing from Homebrewed Components too.

Cannondale Flash

Cannondale Flash

Flash EBB30 Image


Orbea Alma – 2011

Here is another fantastic Orbea Alama MTB conversion coming to you from Oakland, CA.  This trail pounder is the second Orbea to be converted into a podium winning SS.  This frame is looking more and more enticing.


Orbea Alma SS Conversion

Eccentric for BB30 Frames

Orbea Alma - 2011



BEER Components Sponsors – JT and Louie Fountain

JT dragging Louie around the course

The Fountain Brothers are looking to storm many, many podiums this year on their BLUE Norcross CX frames converted to Single Speed.  Their chain tensioner of choice will be the BEER EBB30.

Not familiar with the Fountain Brothers?  No sweat.  Here is the run down.

The Fountain brothers are dedicated to the sport of Single Speed Cyclocross, and are planning to race a full National Elite level calendar on their single speeds!  BEER Components is proud to sponsor JT and Louie on their quest for the top spot at the US Cyclocross Single Speed Nationals and any other races between then and now.

Louie dragging Jt around the course


Specialized CRUX

Specialized has departed from a conservative color (colour) scheme on this CRUX cyclocross bike. Also, the owner of this fine steed departed from multiple gears as well. This frame features a 68mm wide BB30 shell. making it a perfect candidate for the eccentric. Contact your local Specialized dealer for info on the CRUX frames and make it single speed.

Specialized CRUX

Specialized CRUX with EBB30

Eccentrics Back In Stock

The latest round of eccentrics are available. They are RED and they look great. I modified the design slightly so that the eccentric will work on any bike, with either a 68mm or 73mm bottom bracket shell width. The kit includes tow bolt lengths depending on your application. Shorter bolts for 68mm wide shells, and 73mm wide shells.

You will need the Chris King spacer kit if you are:

  • Using SRAM or Truvativ cranks.
    • Includes the needed shim for the stepped non drive side of the crank
  • Using MTB cranks designed for a 73mm BB shell on a frame with a 68mm wide BB
    • 5mm width difference is filled with the shims in the kit

    Eccentric for BB30 Frames (EBB30)

    Orbea Alma 29er

    Here is a nicely built ORBEA Alma 29er sporting an eccentric for BB30.  Dressed in white, this bike is ready to take on some singlespeed action in sunny Florida.  I bet that pool will come in handy after slogging some miles in the middle of summer. Sweet ride!!!

    OBEA Alma -  Eccentric BB30

    OBEA Alma - Eccentric BB30


    OBEA Alma -  Eccentric BB30

    OBEA Alma - Eccentric BB30

    Cannondale Flash Carbon 29er

    The BB30 Eccentric Design has been changed to work with the Cannondale Carbon Flash frames.  The boss that inserts into the frame has been reduced to eliminate collision with the fixed clip inside the frame.  The bolts have enough clearance to pass through the BB shell.   Have no fear the eccentric works well with this frame. 🙂


    Cannondale Flash Carbon 29er

    Cannondale Flash Carbon 29er with EBB30

    BB Shot

    Shot of the BB with eccentric in place

    Drive Side

    Drive side with eccentric in place

    Alternate dive side

    Alternate dive side view

    Non Drive Side

    Non Drive Side

    Orbea Orca Silver

    Here is a nice take on a Single Speed Road bike.  The Orbea Orca Silver is high quality carbon road frame,  with racing geometry.  This yields a bike with the same positioning that you would have on a fully geared counterpart.

    Orbea Orca Silver

    Orbea Orca Silver Frame

    Orbea Orca Silver with EBB30