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The WebShop is LIVE!!!! 

All parts are in stock and ready to be shipped!

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If you are interested in one of our units. Feel free to email ( and we will getting things started. We can answer any tech questions or concerns you may have and will get your new SS rolling as quickly as possible. We are still in the process of getting a new, much more streamlined purchasing website going so please hang tight.

With that said WE DO HAVE both BB30 and PF30 units in stock

Getting some help from some friends

Two really good friends have stepped up to help keep BEER Components going. My job role at work has taken a good solid strong change, and with that said time has become bit more limited. These two super rad guys are going to taking the helm here to bring you a better network of single speed support. Cody, just stopped by and picked up a full set of eccentrics and will be assembling them this week. He is fulfilling orders and is ready to take yours. Eric will be taking care of a much needed make over of this site, and uploading videos to for you to enjoy in the meantime.

Cody Kaiser

Eric Nelson - aka CX.IS.SRS.BIZ

BEER Components x SQUID Bikes

BEER Components will be the official eccentric of choice for Squid Bikes. SQUID Bikes is a new Fame company coming at you live and direct from Sacramento, CA. The frames are 7000 series aluminium, fabricated, and welded here locally by Ventana Mountain bikes. These frames are stout, feature a PF30 BB shell, and can be ordered in Cantilever or Disc versions.

SQUID BEER Single Speed Factory Team Race Bike

Black or Black?

Eccentrics for BB30 of PF30 shells will only be available in black for the time being.  Black was the most requested color by far so to better serve the general population black is it.

BB30 Eccentric - Black

BB30 Eccentric – Black
Eccentric for PF30 frames - Black
Eccentric for PF30 frames – Black


Velo Hangar – Retrotec 29er

Curtis Inglis (Retrotec) is responsible for creating this fine frame, but it doesn’t stop there. Checkout the rest of the components. I’m feeling a bit on ENVE over those wheels. Man this ride is awesome!

“Here is the Retrotec with the now installed PF30 Beer installed. I’m sooo stoked Curtis let me know about your option!

Thanks for a great alternative!!”


Velo Hangar

Customer photos

Hey all,

I’m back to shipping your eccentrics. Also, I have more time at home to do fun things like add your customer photos to the site once again. Send me a picture of your bike and any story you want to associate with it. I’ll get it posted. Email to beercomponents @

Black and Red

After some serious reconsideration, we have decided to release the eccentrics for both BB30 and PF30 in Black.  The stock colors based on popularity and demand will be red and black for the foreseeable future.  Blue did ok, but the demand was not that high. Purple did ok too, and this may come back around as it was surprisingly more popular than blue.  All other colors like green, orange, yellow…could be offered on the chance that someone is placing a large order for a team. So, enjoy the Red or Black!

Eccentric for PF30 Frames - Red

Eccentric for PF30 Frames - Red

Eccentric for PF30 frames - Black

Eccentric for PF30 frames - Black

PF30 Eccentric Update

The new Eccentric for Press Fit 30 frames are rolling in next week. I received a few sample units ahead of time for testing and so far so good.  The acceptance of certain cranks with 30mm diameter spindles is the BIG DEAL behind these new eccentrics.

This eccentric is designed to work with ROTOR 3D+ , e*Thirteen XCX-SSFSA K-Force Light BB386 Road , FSA K-Force Compact MTBFSA SL-K Light BB386 , FSA SL-K Compact Compact MTB , and all 24mm diameter spindle cranks.

If your 30mm spindle crank is not on the list above then it will not work with this eccentric. Sorry. 🙁

Currently  the Salsa Cross bike is setup with the ROTOR 3D+ cranks. Next, the bike will be tested with the eccentric using the 24mm reduction shims. After that, the bike will be setup with the e*Thirteen XCX SS cranks.  Mainly the biggest hurdle  is deciding how many of each shim is required to get all cranks to work correctly and make it a universal solution for all.



Eccentric for PF30


Eccentric for PF30 with e*Thirteen XCX SS crank


Drive side Eccentric for PF30



Eccentric for PF30 with ROTOR 3D+ crank


Ecentric for PF30 with 30-->24mm Reduction shim and SRAM force crank

Same eccentric for two crank standards.

Salsa Chili Con Crosso – Press Fit 30

Work has progressed on an eccentric for Press Fit 30 frames.  I finally got a my rolling test bench for these eccentrics completed and though you might care to see it.  It’s a 2012 Salsa Chili Con Crosso.  The Con Crosso comes with horizontal track drops so that it can go into SS mode immediately, but I wanted/needed a frame that was PF30 (Press Fit 30) for testing purposes.  After looking all other choices that are available for purchase I decided the con crosso would provide the most amount of options for all kinds of crazy setups

2012 Salsa - Chili Con Crosso

The Con Crosso is offered in Black with stylish blue graphics and anodized highlights like the seatpost binder and the headset cap. Typically Salas’s have been offered in very organic colors and decorated with the famous chilli pepper logo.  This year they ventured away from that and it drew me in more.

Comfort is abundant on the Con Crosso.  The ride is smooth and reliable.  The 1.5″ tapered head tube provides a very reassuring feeling in the corners, while the flattened top tube provides a nice comfy feel on the run up.  The rear triangle is designed with flattened tubing to provide lateral rigidity , and the acceleration of the bike feels fantastic.  Weight wise I would say the bike is light, not super light, but the reliability of the ride makes up for it.  If you are the kind of rider that is totally focused on how hard and fast YOU can make the bike go, then this is a great ride.

So back to the PF30 eccentric, yeah i bought this frame for testing eccentrics for PF30 frames. I had 10 pairs cut and have been testing them with friends and such.  The initial ride on the eccentric felt fine. I liked it. It works.  BUT, it just isn’t fancy enough for me. Back to the drawing board.

Drive Side

Non Drive Side