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EBB30 Review

Here is a great plug on the eccentric for BB30 frames.

Watch more video of New England Regional Cyclocross Championships 2011 on

Aaron Koch TakeSS top HonorSS

This past weekend, Aaron Koch took top honors in the Missouri State Championships!

“I took my CruX converted to SS via BEER EBB30 to the Missouri state championships this weekend. It was a mudfest, broken derailleurs everywhere; but no creaks or no slips from the eccentric. As the highest place Missouri resident, the eccentric was ridden to a Missouri SS state championship.  Thanks BEER!”

Congratulations Aaron!

Aaron Koch Ripping the Mud Field

The after math of a seriously muddy race.

Specialized CRUX

Here is a handsome and well dressed CRUX SS. When this paint scheme first came out it was LOUD and BRIGHT, but I still liked it.  Now that we are deep in the cross season the color scheme looks even better.  LOUD and BRIGHT bikes always photograph well against the grey skys and muddy grime of the cross course. The blacked out components and 38mm deep dish carbon wheel make the frame pop and he lack of gears makes it look that much more refined. Watch out at the Illinois State championship this weekend.  This CRUX will be rolling just as fast as it looks.

Specialized CRUX



Cannondale Flash

Remember when most folks were on the other side and people were still scratching their heads over the 29er thing?  This Cannondale Flash F2 is a new school take on the old school 26″ wheel and features a BB30 shell which is perfect for the eccentric and awesome SS action.

Cannondale F2 Flash - 26" wheels

Grammo Toa – Carbon 29er

Here is another Grammo Toa MTB 29er setup with an Eccentric.  The bike has been dubbed Kermit for obvious reasons.  These Grammo frames are second to none, as they are a small group on the leading edge of coolness, grassroots support, and quality racing bicycles.  Expect to see some more photos of Grammo Single Speeds in the near future.

Grammo Tao

Buried Alive

The Cross Season is underway, and JT Fountain has been out there already crushing some serious competition on his Raleigh RXC Pro Carbon with EBB30. Peep out the after math of the Portland Cross Crusade mud piled up on the EBB.  No Creaking or slippage for JT.

JT's Pro Single Speed Machine



JT Fountain’s Raleigh RXC Pro

Is there such a thing as a Professional Single Speed Cyclocrosser? Well here at BEER components, we believe the answer is YES! Raleigh USA has sponsored JT Fountain this year and they have supplied him a RXC PRO frameset.  They already make an SS specific cross frame. The RXC PRO is BB30 and easily converted to SS mode.  This bike will now feature perfect chain tension, benefit from the weight savings of carbon, and the wheel can quickly be changed during the race in the event of a flat tire.  This is “The Ride” for a PRO SS CX racer.

Raleigh RXC Pro

EBB30 on the Carbon Raleigh RXC PRO

Deng Fu 29’er

Deng Fu 29’er with a 3k weave, gloss finish, and stylish white painting.  There is a slew of blue anodization on this ride as well.  Scope out the EBB30, Hombrewed Components Chainring, and SRAM XO crank combo.

Deng Fu

Deng Fu 29'er

EBB30 and HBC Chain Ring

EBB30, HBC Chain Ring, SRAM XO Crank


Cannondale Flash 29er

Peep this super hawt Cannondale Flash 29er rolling around in Tennessee.   If you are in the Chattanooga area, contact Owen Cyclery for help on installation or information on the eccentric.

Cannondale Flash 29er

Cannondale Flash 29er

Cannondale Flash 29er Drive Train

Let your fingers do the walking

Interested in reading a review?  Pick up the latest issue, #13, of CYCLOCROSS Magazine for a full 1 page review.  EBB30 on a Cannondale Super X.  Nuff said. Contact your local shop that specializes in Cyclocross to obtain your copy. Page 87.

Cyclocross Magazine Issue #13